Refractories for foundries and steelworks

casting and treatment ladles and  universal application
bauxite bricks UREX and andalusite bricks
fireclay bricks
mortars, refractory mastics, plastic and semi-plastic mixes and ramming mixes
magnesia-carbon-bricks SYNCARBON and mixes for vacuum treatment ladles
gas purging systems for casting ladles ANKERPERM and URBLOCK
cement-free refractory casting mixes COMPAC SOL, COMPAC ROX, OXYCARBIDE
conventional and LC-and ULC- castables COMPRIT, ANKOFLO, ANKOCAST, DIDURIT
prefabricated IBOS-ladle-bottom with flow-mechanic optimated design
high-temperature heat insulation PYROSTOP BOARD, PYROSTOP BLANKETS
electric arc furnaces (EAF) and AOD-Converters in foundries
magnesia-bricks ANKER and RUBINAL
magnesia-chromite-bricks RADEX and chromite-magnesia-bricks ANKROM,
magnesia-carbon-bricks SYNCARBON
dolomite bricks SINDOFORM
ramming mixes PERMASIT TM for converter and EAF
hearth mixes of the procuct lines ANKERHARTH, PERRAMIT, SINDOMIX
gunning mixes, back fill mixes, fettling mixes ANKERJET, ANKERGUN, ANKERFILL, PERFRIT
direct gas purging sets for EAF RADEX DPP
tap hole block for EAF ANKERBLOCK
gas purging sets for converter RADEX DPPC, RADEX-TUY
high-end sol gel-bonded spout prefabs ANKOFORM MB
roofs of electric arc furnaces and treatment ladles
high grade alumina prefabricated roofs DIDURITAL
bauxite bricks UREX, ALUBAX, ELOBAX
ramming mixes and cementfree castables (only to be dryed) COMPAC SOL

lining of induction furnaces

neutral and basic dry ramming mixes for induction furnaces ANKERINDUX
brick linings for induction furnaces and vacuum induction furnaces RADEX AS and ANKROM
gas purging sets for induction furnaces ANKERPERM, DIPERMAL

wearing materials in foundries

nozzles, stoppers, pcket blocks, sleeve bricks for stopper rod, zirkonia nozzles ZETTRAL
monobloc stoppers with threads or X-pin attachment
ceramic gating system for steel cast, grey cast iron and ductile iron
Ø 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 150 mm
pouring bushes
tubes, length 50–300 mm
radiussed tubes, slant sectioned tubes and machined bricks in several types
elbows 90° and 45°
reduction an axpansion pieces
T-pieces, king-bricks
tongue and groove as standard
base material for core shop, maschine and hand moulding shop
silikon carbide chills SiC65 (cooling plates)
SiC-cooling sand base
chromite Sand
nonmetallic materials for melting shop
flourspar, low-sulphur
special lime

KRAUSE & Co. KG is an authorised partner and warehouse distributor of RHI MAGNESITA for foundries in Germany and Western Europe